Brandy on The Rocks

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For purists, the amount of time spent in oak combined with the care and craft that has gone into creating a matured aged brandy makes it almost unthinkable to add anything to it when drinking. And yet… the journey of subtle flavors that evolves as you allow it to cool down and sip slowly is difficult to match. We have the perfect solution:

Brandy on The Rocks are cubes of solid granite that will chill your liquor without diluting or affecting its taste like ice. Because solid granite retains its temperature longer than ice, Brandy on The Rocks will create a slow cool and sustained chill, extending your enjoyment of that final blend, .

Hand-crafted in our Wisconsin family owned workshop, each is an individual work of art; no two are alike. Brandy on The Rocks are the perfect gift for the refined connoisseur. 9 cubes are presented in a tasteful drawstring bag*.

*conveniently store Brandy on the Rocks in drawstring pouch when placed in freezer.


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