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This pendant is a product of WilStone Creations located in Northwestern Wisconsin. This stunning natural looking pendant features a polished free form style cabochon. The stone is cut flat and polished however, the sides are the outer natural edge of the stone. We accented the natural look and feel of the stone by using a gold colored wire (also hand twisted in our shop) and a hemp cord knotted together to support this beautiful stone. And due to our design most of our pendants can be worn with either side of the stone showing.

I typically remember most stones of this beauty -where I found it and what it is, but I can not remember where or what this one is. So we will call this a mystery stone, one that I am sure no one else will have! Don’t miss out on a great opportunity!

Pendant Details:

  • Stone Weight (ounces): .5oz
  • Stone Size (inches): 2.25in by 1.375in
  • Cord Type: HEMP
  • Cord Circumference (inches): 22in

The finding on this piece is a gold color wire hand wrapped into the hole drilled into the stone. The cord is hemp and is tied tight. For a better fit you will need to cut the knot and retie the cord. The ends are knotted and not freely adjustable.

Note that the color of the stone may be slightly different than what is pictured. This would be due to the lighting used to take the photo.

Also note that the pendants may appear to have cracks or other deformities with in the stone. This is actually very common in Agate materials. Each piece is manually check before it is listed to help ensure that the stone is not weak. If there is a crack in the item you want let us know and we will take a look at it again.

Please be sure that you look at all of the pictures attached and note the deformities and other flaws (saw cut marks, inclusions in the stone, edges of the stone, and the finding hole). We feel that saw marks on this version of our pendants products add a feel of natural hand made authenticity, we do not remove saw marks on the stone pendants we make, we embrace them!

These pendants have character and uniqueness. The hemp cord and the gold colored wire were specifically chosen to give this piece a little bit of an unfinished diamond in the rough sort of feel. -Of course if you want to replace the finding and cord that is entirely up to you!

And to be clear, the quarter in the picture is not included. The picture of the finding is a typical example of what out handmade findings look like. The hemp cord pictured is to provide a general idea of what we are offering. The stone in the first picture is the stone that is being sold on this listing. The next pictures of the same stone are the provide a size ratio and to show the back of the stone.

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